c# packing all need files to exe

1. go http://madebits.com/netz/ to download netz.exe for packing exe

2.extract to c:// (for example) —> C:\netz-bin-20

2.copy all need files consists of dll and exe to new folder(in example the folder’s name is do) in C:\netz-bin-20 (image below)

2.1 dll files (I develop with DevExpress and MySQL)

2.2 exe files (get it from built your project)

3. open cmd cd to C:\netz-bin-20\do and run command line >C:\netz-bin-20\netz.exe -s -z your_exe_filename.exe *.dll

4.go to do folder you see exe stand alone file

5.if you use App.config then copy your_exe_filename.exe.config to do folder(image below)

good luck.

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