jquery ajax check available information

do it with keyup and use settimeout with $.proxy technic

  • keyup => event for detect keyboard input #note if you use keypress instead keyup you will see backspace problem
  • settimeout => delay for ajax to check available
  • $.proxy => in settimeout scope you can’t use $(this) in this scope. this is $.proxy solve problem

for an example .. to check categoryFolder input

$( document ).ready(function() {
var timeout;
$('#checkAvailable').html('<img src="'+BASE_URL+'assets/images/ajax-loader.gif" alt="" />');
$("#categoryFolder").bind('keyup',function(e) {
if(typeof(timeout) != "undefined")clearTimeout(timeout);
timeout = setTimeout($.proxy(function(){
var categoryFolder = $(this).val();

type: "POST",
url: BASE_URL+"checkAvailable.php",
success : function(msg) {
if(msg === "OK")
$('#checkAvailable').html("this category is available.");
$('#checkAvailable').html("this category is already.");
}, this) ,500 );

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