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c# packing all need files to exe

1. go to download netz.exe for packing exe 2.extract to c:// (for example) —> C:\netz-bin-20 2.copy all need files consists of dll and exe to new folder(in example the folder’s name is do) in C:\netz-bin-20 (image below) 2.1 dll … Continue reading

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how to solve cross-thread operation not valid control

If you use backgroud worker in project and you need to access some control[DevExpress] in another thread then use invoke barStaticItem1.Caption = "Process : Checking file"; this.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate { barStaticItem1.Refresh(); })); in above example code is mean invoke refresh method … Continue reading

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c# window form socket server chat

ระบบ Chat เทคโนโลยีที่ใช้ – Socket Programming – Multithead Programming – OOP Programming – Window Application

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C# to ATmega328 via Serial Port

การส่งข้อมูลจาก windows form application ที่เขียนด้วย C# ไปยัง microcontroller เบอร์ atmega328 ผ่านทาง serial port

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